Resilience Project 6-Week Workshop – Begins Friday, May 4, 8:45-10AM at Newton Wellesley Hospital

The Resilience Project at Newton Wellesley Hospital will be running a 6-week workshop for parents of teens focused on fostering resilience. The workshop begins Friday, May 4. All meetings are at Newton Wellesley and go from 8:45-10 AM. The workshop which is  skills-based considers: 1)what resilience is, how we as parents help our teens practice resilience, 2) reviews the stages of adolescent development and the teen brain, 3)focuses on fostering confidence, competence, and communication with our teens. 

We then apply all of these concepts to common” hot-spot” areas like screen time, difficult conversations, and healthy habits.  Click here to download a flyer.

If you’re interested in learning more, please call Susan Richards at 617-243-6490.