We Need Your Help with SouthFest on Tues., June 5! WE REALLY DO!

We still need lots of parents to help at SouthFest on Tuesday, June 5th! We have many unfilled slots from 11-1, and all but one slot is unfilled from 1-3 (special thank you to that awesome late night volunteer!)  It’s a big undertaking to put on a party for 400 kids, and we can only do it safely if we have parent volunteers to help out.  Senior parent have the night off (it’s been a long year for them), so we need parents from all other grades to volunteer. Junior parents, please think about volunteering this year since it will be your turn to relax next year. To get to the sign up page, please click here. If you have questions about any of the volunteer jobs, please email info@newtonsouthptso.org.

We still need financial support as well. Most of the funds we raise pay for the entertainment we provide, including inflatables, a mini-race track, green screen photography booth, psychics and tattoo artists, and more. We count on support from families in all grades and we thank you for your contribution. To make a donation to SouthFest, please click here.