Spotlight on School Health

As the end of the school year approaches, we thought we would share some school health updates and some “by the numbers” highlights from the year so far.

As of this month, the professional nurses in each of the 23 Newton Public Schools buildings have completed more than 61,000 office visits with students from preschool through grade 12. Of those, approximately 9,600 are unique student visits. With just over 13,000 students in the district, this means that 73 percent of the student population has had at least one visit with the school nurse for a reason other than screening. Reasons could include anything from illness, injury, emotional needs or medication administration. More than 94 percent of those students have returned to class after their visit with the school nurse to continue learning for the day.

The nurses have completed more than 18,000 health screenings including vision, hearing, postural, body mass index and substance use.

Some other school health facts include:

  • 1,225 lost teeth
  • 3,839 headaches
  • 11,225 medication administrations
  • 3,231 flu shots at school
  • 10 epinephrine administrations
  • 2,948 abrasions
  • 4,591 bumps/bruises

As you can see by this glimpse of how busy the district’s health rooms are, we are pleased to share that three additional full-time school nurses will be part of the school health team beginning next school year. The health room door is open to students, staff, and parents anytime.

The Newton school nurses are proud to participate in the academic achievement of all students. After all, students must “learn to be healthy and be healthy to learn”.