Please Volunteer and Donate to SouthFest on Tues., June 5!

Thanks to all of the parents who have signed up to help with SouthFest so far.  We still need lots more of you!  We especially need volunteers for the late shift from 1 AM to 3AM. So far, we don’t have any volunteers signed up for that late shift. In all honesty, it is hard to commit to staying up until 3AM. We can tell you it will be a lot of fun (and it will be), but hey, it’s still 3AM. Not a popular time for the over 40 crowd to be up on a Tuesday night. But you will be doing something awesome by helping to provide  a safe and fun place for our seniors to go after the prom as well as some peace of mind to their parents! To get to the sign up page, please click here. If you have questions about any of the volunteer jobs, please email

We would also appreciate your financial support for SouthFest as we are a long way from our goal. Most of the funds we raise pay for the entertainment we provide, including inflatables, a mini-race track, green screen photography booth, psychics and tattoo artists, and more. We count on support from families in all grades and we thank you for your contribution. To make a donation to SouthFest, please click here.