Looking for 2 or 3 Volunteers to Pick Up Coffee and Bagels for Faculty Appreciation Breakfast on Mon., June 25

We still need one or two people to pick up large cambro containers of coffee and bring them to South for the Faculty Appreciation Breakfast on Monday.  We need the coffee at 9:00 so pick up would be at 8:30AM at the Waban Starbucks.  There are two 5 gallon containers so we either need one person to pick up both, or two people to pick up one each. We also need one person to pick up bagels at the Bagel Place on Needham St. Pick up also at 8:30AM. We just need you to get the coffee or the bagels and drop them in the main hallway at South. That’s it.  You don’t have to set up, or clean up, or return the containers. Super easy if you are around for an hour on Monday morning. Please email info@newtonsouthptso.org if you are able to help out with this on Monday.