SouthFest Is Tuesday! We Could Still Use a Few More Parent Volunteers and More Financial Support

Thank you to all the parents who have stepped up to volunteer at SouthFest. We are in much better shape than we were a week ago and will be able to keep the party going until 3AM!  We could still use a few more volunteers on the late shift if you are considering signing up.  We have two slots in the casino, and a few more chaperones in the cafeteria would be a good idea.  Also, a third volunteer to help with bag check out would make things run more smoothly when lots of kids are leaving (1-2 tends to be busier than 2-3). If you are still looking to volunteer for the early shift, we have a few spots there as well. To get to the sign-up page, please click here. If you have questions about any of the volunteer jobs, please email

Thanks to all the families who have made a donation to SouthFest. We have raised close to $11,ooo of our $16,000 goal so far. The majority of our spending is  for entertainment so the seniors will have lots of fun things to do at SouthFest. In order to maintain that level of entertainment options at future SouthFests, we need to know we can cover that expense (since the other expenses like police, fire,and custodial support are fixed). We are grateful for donations of any amount to help us make SouthFest possible. To make a donation to SouthFest, please click here.