Tassels Will be Available on Wed. and Thurs. for Seniors Who Did Not Receive Them at Check-Out

Due to a logistical snafu, some seniors did not receive a tassel at Senior Check-Out.  It appears this was a problem for students who just ordered the tassel.  If your child ordered a cap and gown, the tassel should be packed in with the cap. For those seniors who did not receive a tassel, they will be available to pick up in the house offices on Wednesday from 7:40AM until the end of school, and on Thursday from  7:40AM to 11AM. Your child must pick up the tassel at their own house office.  If you are unable to pick up the tassel during those times, Ms. Stonehill will be distributing the remaining tassels to seniors at senior line-up before graduation (beginning at 4PM).