Volunteers Needed for Tour de Newton “Magical Mystery Tour”, Sun., June 17

Sunday June 17 is the 6th annual Tour de Newton that attracts 100’s of bicycle riders – kids and families. This year the entire event is being transformed into something totally new – the Magical Mystery Tour de Newton. Along each of four 8 mile routes riders will encounter a series of “magical mysteries”. We want the riders to encounter sights that amaze, surprise, delight, and startle them

We are putting together all sorts of surprises but we need lots of volunteers to pull this off. Would you like to blow giant bubbles? – we’ve got the bubble makers. Would you like to wield 12 foot high giant puppets? – we’ll have them. Wear giant heads? – we’ve got them. Be part of a zombie army? We need you. Sing a song? play an instrument?, yodel?, dance?, juggle? We need your help from about 9 AM – 10:30 PM the morning of Sunday June 17 (Fathers Day). Please recruit anybody you know, the more volunteers, the better and we can definitely use kids too. Please contact me ASAP via email (JerReilly@yahoo.com) or phone (617-999-5300) if you can join in the fun.