Please Support the PTSO by Paying Dues!

Thanks to all the families who have confirmed their directory information and paid PTSO membership dues so far. Our goal this year is to raise enough money through our fall membership drive to cover our basic operating expenses as well as our SouthFest expenses. SouthFest is the PTSO sponsored party for seniors which takes place at the high school after the prom. This past year, we did not quite cover our SouthFest expenses. This year, we don’t want to make plans and put down deposits for SouthFest entertainment unless we know we can cover those expenses.

Our basic operating expenses this year are around $50,000. About 60% of that will go directly into departmental and and program support, the grant program for teachers, and student support.  SouthFest expenses are around $15,000. We spend about 70% of that amount on the entertainment costs (casino, inflatables, tattoo artists, etc.).  We have raised almost $28,000 of our $65,000 goal, but we still have quite a way to go. Membership dues are the main source of funding for PTSO activities. Please help support the work of the PTSO by contributing your $70 dues. We realize that all families are not able to contribute at that level, and we are grateful for any contribution your family can make.  If you are able to offer some additional financial support to the PTSO, we are grateful for that as well. Read on if you would like more information about how we use PTSO dues.

In 2017-18:

  • $48,000 in basic operating expenses (not including SouthFest or Success@South)
  •  $28,000 or close to 60% on departmental and program support, student academic and wellness activities, and our grant program for teachers to enrich the learning environment for our kids.
  • $4,000 on communications including website expenses and the directory to keep families connected to the school and each other.
  •  $4,000 on PTSO sponsored events for students including the senior luncheon, Halloween candy give away, winter hot chocolate and cookies study break, and a spring ice cream sundae party (one for seniors and another one for all the other students during review week!)
  •  $6,000 on faculty appreciation including a welcome back luncheon for teachers, small welcome gifts for new teachers, a light dinner on the evening of parent teacher conferences, and an end of year breakfast.  This past year, we also partnered with the North PTSO to provide a pizza lunch at a joint South/North faculty training.
  • $6,000 on numerous other smaller expenses including PayPal fees, office supplies, administrative costs like insurance, landscaping supplies and Newton Serves, to name a few.