Directory Information Deadline – Mon., Sept. 17

The deadline to correct your directory information for the printed directory is tomorrow, September 17th. After that time, you can still confirm your data, but any changes will only be available in the online version of the directory.

Your family should have received an email requesting that you confirm or correct your family’s information for the Newton South PTSO student directory. The confirmation email is only sent to the primary email contact listed in the directory. Please note, if you received that email in August or early September but have not received it recently, you have confirmed your information and you do not need to do so again or check in with the directory committee. It is only if you have continued to receive the confirmation request that you need to do so. To date, 976 of 1541 families have confirmed their information.

At the end of the confirmation process, you will have the opportunity to pay your membership dues. Both the printed and password protected online versions are included in the benefits you receive when paying your PTSO dues. The PTSO Student Directory is a great resource for both parents/guardians and students. The printed version will be distributed at Back-to-School night on September 26th.

We ask each family to make a suggested donation of $70 to fund the operations of the PTSO. Dues are the main source of fundraising for the PTSO and all of the funds are used for student and teacher related activities, including financial support to academic departments and to teachers through our grant program. If the suggested donation is a financial hardship, please contact us at Any such conversation will be kept in strict confidence. No one will be denied a directory due to financial constraints.