Please Support the PTSO by Paying Membership Dues!

We are grateful to all the families who have paid their PTSO membership dues so far.  We have raised close to $45,000 but are still quite a way from our goal of $65,000.  Of our 1541 families, just under 600 families have contributed PTSO dues this year. We are hoping that we can raise the participation rate in the coming weeks so that the PTSO is able to cover our basic operating expenses as well as pay for SouthFest in the spring. Membership dues are the primary source of funding for the PTSO, and we count on that support to fund our contributions to departments and programs, the teacher grant program, staff appreciation, communications, and our Random Acts of Kindness program for students.

If you have not confirmed your directory information yet, you can pay your PTSO dues when you go through the confirmation process.  If you have confirmed your directory information but did not pay PTSO dues, you can still do so and receive a printed directory at Back to School Night. If you have paid your dues but would like to make an additional contribution to the PTSO, we are grateful for any extra support. Please click here to pay your PTSO dues or make an additional contribution.