Information Session on Hosting International Exchange Students is Tomorrow, Wed. March 20 at 6PM

Dear NSHS Families:
Are you interested in being a host family for an international exchange student who will be attending Newton South High School? Please contact Sara Hamerla or come to our information session on Wednesday March 20th at 6:00 p.m. at Newton South High School. We will meet in the lecture hall.

Newton Public Schools is inviting international students to join us at Newton South High School for the 2019-2020 school year. This exciting initiative is part of the school district’s efforts to expand its global education program. To make this program a success, we need host families for these students who can provide the following for one or both semesters: (September – January, January – June or September – June).
1. A supportive home environment in the Newton South District
2. Three meals a day
3. A bedroom with bed, dresser and area to study

To attract host families, we are working with Educatius International, our corporate partner on this program. Educatius International encourages all families to apply to become a host family – families with young children, no children, and/or high school age children. To ensure that this initiative is a success, Educatius International is providing the following resources:
1. Monthly stipend paid to all host families. (Each family can host up to two international students, they can share a bedroom).
· $800.00 per month for hosting one student
· $1600.00 per month for hosting two students.
2. An orientation program for the international students and all host families
3. Host family and student support, available twenty-four hours a day

We are very proud that Newton is a sought after school for international students each year. Many students have already chosen Newton South from among other exceptional high schools throughout MA.
Our International Students:
1. Are fully insured
2. Are between ages 14 – 18
3. Have their own spending money
4. Speak English
5. Maintain strong GPA

To meet our goals, we now need your help. If you are interested in providing a culturally enriching experience for your family, our international guests, and the students at Newton South High School, please contact or call her at 508- 246-7028