The PTSO is Seeking New Leadership and New Volunteers to Fill Many Roles

Although we don’t usually publish a newsletter on the first Sunday of vacation, there are some important events coming up and we need volunteers to help out with these. In this week’s newsletter, you will see announcements for our annual NewtonServes event to clean up the grounds at South and we hope to have many volunteers to help out with that.  SouthFest is also coming up very quickly, and we need lots of volunteers to make the after prom party a success.

I have also created a link on our website to a page which lists and describes PTSO volunteer jobs that need to be filled. Right now, there are many, many volunteer jobs that need to be filled in order to keep the PTSO running. The PTSO urgently needs some parents to step up as c0-presidents. I have enjoyed the role as PTSO president very much, but I have held the job for four years now, three of them as a solo president. I have also been covering  many of the jobs you will see listed on the website. Without more parents filling these roles, the PTSO can not continue to do things like raising much needed funds for the school, putting on events like SouthFest, and maintaining the website and newsletter. Please click here to see the list of volunteer openings.

I have two more years at South but am cognizant of the need to pass the job onto new leaders well in advance of that. I have also been a PTO president for six of the years my children have been in the Newton schools, and it’s time for me to move on to do some other things. I can provide all the training that new co-presidents will need, and I will be available to help out in any way that is needed over the next school year. I am very hopeful that some volunteers will step forward, but I will be leaving the job whether or not that happens. If you are interested in a leadership role or any of the roles you see here, please contact me at and I would be delighted to talk with you.

Enjoy the vacation week!