We Really Need Volunteers for the Late Shift at SouthFest!

Thanks to all the parents who have signed up so far to help with SouthFest on Tuesday, June 4th. We have done really well with the early shift, but have some very big holes in the 1AM to 3AM slots.  Notably, we have no chaperones signed up for the late shift, and we have to have some chaperones in order to keep SouthFest open. We have nine slots for chaperones, and probably need at least 2 people in the cafeteria and one person in the casino to provide some supervision. Although it’s a late night, all you have to do is hang out and keep an eye on things. To get to the sign up page, please click here. If you have questions about any of the volunteer jobs, please email info@newtonsouthptso.org.

We would also appreciate a little bit more financial support for SouthFest.  The cost of  our vendors has increased this year, and we still need some donations to cover our expenses. To make a donation to SouthFest, please click here.