Spring Sports Awards Wrap-Up

The Spring Awards night was held on Tuesday, June 11, at 7pm. Thank you to the students, coaches, and families who were able to attend during this busy time of the year. On Sunday, May 26, during the school-wide awards night, the Mendelson Award was presented to Sam Arber and Audrey Lavey. Rosie McCloud received the Sabetti Award, and Ben Powdermaker was the recipient of the Adelman Award. The DCL Sportsmanship recipients are Xavier Phillips and Liri Mustafa.

110% Awards

  • Boys Varsity Baseball: Justin Alpert
  • Girls Varsity Softball: Stephanie Little
  • Boys Varsity Lacrosse: Benjamin Powdermaker
  • Girls Varsity Lacrosse: Samantha Shaevel
  • Boys Varsity Outdoor Track & Field: Peter Capodilupo
  • Girls Varsity Outdoor Track & Field: Sandra Lewis
  • Boys Varsity Tennis: Aron Korsunsky
  • Girls Varsity Tennis: Marie Lee, Maya Zeldin
  • Boys Varsity Volleyball: Samuel Arber, Andrew Gershon
  • Unified Track & Field: Rebekkah Tunik

Awards of Excellence

  • Boys Varsity Baseball: Brandon Lee
  • Boys JV Baseball: Mitchell Waksler
  • Boys Freshman Baseball: Henry Landay
  • Girls Varsity Softball: Chandra Penton
  • Girls JV Softball: Erin McElduff
  • Boys Varsity Lacrosse: Raphael Dinh
  • Boys JV Lacrosse: Alexander Hallion
  • Girls Varsity Lacrosse: Katelyn Hatem
  • Girls JV Lacrosse: Tess Ertel
  • Girls Freshman Lacrosse: Sydney Finkelstein
  • Boys Varsity Outdoor Track & Field: Joseph Sangiolo
  • Boys JV Outdoor Track & Field: Andrew Goldberg
  • Girls Varsity Outdoor Track & Field: Laura Wiederspahn
  • Girls JV Outdoor Track & Field: Kate Taylor
  • Boys Varsity Tennis: Nicholas Hatzis-Schoch
  • Boys JV Tennis: Carlos Garcia Marxuach
  • Girls Varsity Tennis: Jessica Whitman
  • Girls JV Tennis: Ava Freeman
  • Boys Varsity Volleyball: Tyler Russell
  • Boys JV-A Volleyball: ByungJun Kim
  • Boys JV-B Volleyball: Samuel Lee
  • Unified Track & Field: Sophie Blumberg

DCL All-Stars

  • Baseball: Brandon Lee, Sebastian Pike, John Broughel, Luke Ito
  • Softball: Stephanie Little, Chandra Penton
  • Boys Lacrosse: Benjamin Powdermaker, William LaCamera, Daniel Glickman
  • Girls Lacrosse: Taylor Paterson, Anabella Ertel, Danielle LaCamera
  • Boys Tennis: Zachary Schwartz
  • Girls Tennis: Dorra Guermazi
  • Boys Track & Field: Daniel Collins, Michael DeFranco, Amos Trinidad Gonzalez, Jonathan Ikini, Justin Levy
  • Girls Track & Field: Kaitlyn Shaughnessy, Phoebe Blumberg, Danya Goldstein, Lucy Jenks, Adelaide Marple, Anika Fiore, Sofia Arboleda, Elizabeth Bulczynski
  • Boys Volleyball: Tyler Russell, Felix Hsieh