Thank You SouthFest Volunteers!

Thank you to all of you fantastic parents who showed up to decorate, chaperone, serve food, check the kids in and out, work at the casino tables, and clean up SouthFest. The clean up this year was done in record time, and it was a relief to have things wrapped up before sunrise! It was a great night, with wonderful decorations, an amazing spread of food (the kids ate a lot!), and many fun activities. With your help, we were able to provide our seniors with a fun and safe place to go after the prom.

Special thanks to Heidi Gambino who once again worked her decorating magic to turn the school into South Beach. Also a huge thank you to Peter Shaevel who led the food committee and was assisted by Elyssa Freedman,  Michael and Svet Levin, and a couple of great parents who stepped in at the last minute to help with serving and clean up. And also many thanks to our fantastic, hard working, and very kind custodial team who help in countless ways to make the event go smoothly.