Welcome Back, and traffic Update

Today was a great day, as our school was full of life again after a summer of mostly empty. One of the best parts about being an educator is meeting our new school – each year is a mix of familiar and new, and with at least a 25% change in the people who walk the halls (mostly the freshman class, but also some new older students and new faculty), each year has its own personality. As always, thank you for sending your children to our school!

I am also writing to remind everyone of some changes in our traffic patterns that are designed to improve the safety of students who walk and bicycle to school. These changes  are a result of many months of advocacy from parents, teachers, students, and community members. We are piloting a first phase of improvements this year: there is now a contiguous walking path from Brandeis Road to the front entrance of Wheeler House. In order to accomplish this, the first parking lot on Brandeis (from Parker) is blocked from accessing the main Wheeler lot, and part of the Wheeler lot is one way (please see diagram).

Proposed Parking Lot and Street Level Sidewalk Trail at NS

We are hoping these changes will increase the foot and bicycle traffic to South and decrease the number of cars coming to campus in the morning. We are predicted to have our highest population ever, and yet there is still only one road providing access to the school.  Please also note:

  • There are no U-turns allowed on Brandeis street
  • Cars are not allowed into the bus lane (field house parking lot) in the morning until after 7:30 AM.
  • Dropping students off at Oak Hill or a few blocks away from school to avoid the traffic could be a great idea for your family!

Thank you for your help ensuring that our students arrive and depart safely from school.