Cameras Needed

It may seem hard to believe in light of Apple’s continued evolution of how consumers interact with Photography that analogue cameras still hold a vital place of importance in South’s award winning Arts Curriculum, but they do! In short, today’s kids are as hungry as ever to slow down and experience the rewards of careful calculations, precision timing, and a healthy dose of good old fashioned mystery that happens in a dark room. We would like to continue to spread the magic of dark room development to the next generation and need your help to reinforce our sock of analogue cameras.

If you would consider rummaging through closets and attics for any analogue cameras, you know the ones that Simon & Garfunkel sing about, that are no longer needed or wanted by your family, we would be grateful for your donation and will be happy to provide a donation letter for tax purposes.

Donation is simple, please drop off cameras with your name and contact information to the main office, or send them into South with your child to be delivered to room 9122. Thank you in advance, the Arts Team.

Please contact Megan Leary Crist at with any questions.