News regarding Mr. Hardiman

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

As you are aware, Mr. Hardiman is serving this year as the interim Vice Principal here at Newton South. Mr. Hardiman’s responsibilities have been split, with .75 of his position helping to manage the operations of the school and .25 of his position providing direct service to his students in the class of 2020.

After careful consideration, Mr. Stembridge and Mr. Romer (Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education), have asked Mr. Hardiman to continue in his interim role for one more school year in 2020-2021. The motivation for this decision is to maintain consistency in the school’s leadership structure as we anticipate complex preparations in implementating a new high school schedule during the 2021-2022 school year.

Any time we have staffing changes in the Guidance Department, there is some impact on students. We make our best efforts to minimize this impact and we wish to share with your our plan for supporting students through this period of time. Most importantly, we are pleased to share that Ms. Kenyon will be staying at Newton South and continuing to work in tandem with Mr. Hardiman to support this cohort of students. Specifically, we will be assigning students as follows:

Class of 2021 (next year’s seniors): The current junior class will remain with Ms. Kenyon into the next school year. This will allow them to both start and finish their post-secondary planning without any additional transitions.

Class of 2022 (next year’s juniors): The current sophomore class will be reassigned back to Mr. Hardiman, who will serve as their counselor for the remainder of their high school careers at South.

Class of 2023 (next year’s sophomores): This class has only known Ms. Kenyon as their high school counselor and will continue to work with her into their sophomore year.

Any incoming younger siblings in the class of 2024 who have an older sibling assigned to Mr. Hardiman OR Ms. Kenyon will be assigned to Ms. Kenyon. Throughout the entire school year Mr. Hardiman will again be on hand as a mentor and support.