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High School Schedule Survey

For the past year, a committee of Newton South and North faculty members, as well as leaders from the Newton Public Schools, has been meeting to redesign our school’s class schedule. This work is a part of NPS’ effort to … Continue reading

Technology Announcement

This year, as part of the district’s ongoing commitment to increasing access and use of technology in our classrooms, we piloted a program in which 50 of our high schools students were given a laptop computer  for use in the … Continue reading

Friday’s School Shooting in Texas

It was just February 27th when I wrote: On School Safety It is unbelievable to me that I am writing again about another mass shooting at a high school not three months later.  In my February message I wrote at … Continue reading

Student Voices

As we continue to struggle with civil discourse and respect for all in our national dialogue, I write to share with you my pride in NSHS students for the many ways in which their leadership, actions, and voices are making … Continue reading

GELF Dinner – Fundraiser for Newton High School Students

I am writing to personally request your support for our Jennifer Price Global Education Leadership Fund (GELF)’s annual benefit dinner. For those of you who don’t know about the GELF, it’s a fantastic scholarship program that supports Newton students from … Continue reading

On School Safety

I am so saddened to be writing another community letter in the aftermath of another horrific school shooting. Certainly, our hearts and thoughts go out to those impacted by this terrible tragedy. The first of these that I remember was … Continue reading

January Updates

We are into second semester with no reports of frozen pipes for two weeks (as of this writing)!  The cold weather continues for some time, of course, and students should still be prepared for evacuating into the elements in case … Continue reading

2017-18 NSHS Lip Dub Video

I am so proud to present our lip dub creation! Thank you to students, faculty, and staff for making this possible.  I especially want to thank all-student production team, including the director, videographer, editors, and choreographers! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Another interesting day: 2 more bursting pipes, one evacuation (at 1 pm for about 10 minutes – thankfully the outside temperature was warmer than yesterday), and then sprinkler system testing during J block. The challenge with a California style school … Continue reading

Update on Building Status (and Happy New Year!)

Greetings – may your 2018 be healthy and joyful! What started in the morning as a major water leak due to a frozen, split coil in a heating unit became in the afternoon a short in an electrical box in … Continue reading