Q. How do the Boston bus routes work?

A.The last stop in Boston is Forest Hills, then Newton South and then Newton North. The bus usually arrives at South at around 7:20AM.

Q. Is it necessary for my student to have their bus pass every day?
How do we keep from losing it?

A. Yes, the Boston bus drivers check every student as they get on the bus. It is recommended that you punch a hole in the card and put it on a lanyard that your student can wear around their neck.

Q. What is Homework Club and how can I be sure my student is participating?

A: Homework Club is a voluntary afterschool academic support service at Newton South. Teachers are available to help in the areas of: English, Math, Science and History on Monday & Thurs from 3:30-4:30 on the second floor of Goldrick House. Meeting during the same time is the Afterschool Program which is a strongly encouraged afterschool tutoring program for students who have received a low grade in a subject area.

Q. Are there student discount bus passes?

A. Yes, the Wheeler House office distributes discounted student Charlie cards for use on the MBTA buses. A METCO student can receive a student Charlie card from the METCO counselor.

Q. How often and where do the METCO students meet?

A. METCO freshman meets with the METCO counelor one class period per week for a METCO Advisory during the first semester of the year. There is no designated specific time/place for METCO students to meet on a regular basis as a group.