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Success@South 2015-2016 Campaign Goal:  Raise $20,000 for the Newton South College and Career Center

“You don’t need to be in a rush to choose your life’s work. What you need to do is discover what you like” – Paul Graham, Co-Founder of YCombinator & Viaweb

A place to meet with a professional counselor one-on-one, research a summer job, get advice on filling out the Common App or learn about employment options after graduation. An open and inviting place to discover your future. The Newton South College and Career Center is all this and more.

Conveniently located adjacent to the Student Center and Cafeteria—a hub of student life at South—the College and Career Center is a gathering space for counselors, students, parents and faculty working together on planning for students’ futures. The Center is home to a dedicated professional college and career counselor and a wide variety of web-based and print resources. Laptops and desktops are available to conduct research, complete college and job applications or register for college entrance exams. Students can apply for one of many job opportunities posted daily or work on their personal essays.

The Center hosts over 150 colleges and organizations annually. Plans for Career Meetups with industry professionals and alumni networking opportunities are underway. Reading materials for summer opportunities and gap year are also there. It’s open and accessible to students in all grades, sensitive to the diverse needs of the student body and relevant to students at all phases of planning for employment, college or careers.

Our goal for this year’s Success@South Campaign is to support the Center’s mission to be an even more inviting, accessible and easy-to-use space where students can discover and research their interests and map their future after South.

Our fundraising goal is $20,000. The funds raised through this year’s Success@South campaign will be used in conjunction with money from the Newton Public Schools to update and reconfigure the Center in order to maximize its role connecting students and their families to the resources they need.


  • A flat screen television and an Apple TV device to conduct video conferencing via Skype and Facetime with college representatives, alumni career speakers and employers
  • Multi-year pilot of a subscription to the Alumni/ae Tracker component of Naviance
  • Funding for staff travel to college admissions tours and outreach
  • A 3-year pilot program creating a fund for first-generation students to attend campus tours, college and career interviews and job fairs
  • Seed funding to create an alumni/ae network for careers and internships
  • Collapsible, storable seating for 50 to conduct workshops and host speakers
  • A suite of comfortable seating, including 3-4 chairs and an area rug
  • Movable and modular tables, desks and shelving to accommodate breadth of programming and flexible space
  • Tuition for the College Counselor to attend the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions

“We hope this campaign will inspire our community to join us in supporting our students to think broadly about planning for their future, inspiring them to seek experiences and skill development as they explore the best fit for their next steps after South.” – Joel Stembridge, South Principal

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