Welcome to Families New to Newton South!

New members into the South community will want to receive the school’s and PTSO’s electronic newsletters immediately. To subscribe, please follow the link here: http://www.newtonsouthptso.org/directory-and-newsletter. There are 3 buttons.

  1. Click on the Directory button and fill out the relevant fields completely if you want your information included in the directory.  The cut-off date for your info to be included in the directory is September 15.
  2. Click on the Newsletter button, enter your email and click join to begin receiving the electronic newsletters.
  3. Click on the Contribution button to pay your PTSO dues for the year.  Please note, you will receive a South Student Directory at South’s Back to School Night, after you pay a suggested PTSO contribution. However, if the suggested amount is a financial challenge, please pay whatever you can. Paid families, regardless of the amount, are automatically qualified to receive a copy of the directory. Families with financial hardship should e-mail the PTSO at info@newtonsouthptso.org to receive a free copy.

We are looking forward to serving and working with you and having a great school year. Should you have any questions, or wish to be involved in volunteering in the PTSO, please feel free to contact info@newtonsouthptso.org.