Traffic Concerns, New Light

Please give yourself plenty of time to get to school safely in the morning and avoid the 7:35 traffic jam on Brandeis Road. To help walkers in the neighbor city has installed high tech pedestrian crossing signals on Parker Street – read more about them below. Please remember, we have lots of new drivers in our midst so be mindful of the regulations: there are no U-Turns on Brandeis Road, drop offs should be at Field House, Main Entrance/Goldrick House or Goodwin House. Please: drive slowly and safely.

New HAWK Traffic Signals Near School Be on the lookout for special new signals for pedestrians crossing at Crafts Street & Linwood Avenue near Day Middle School and at Parker & Theodore Streets near Oak Hill, Brown and South. These newly approved signals, called Hybrid Pedestrian Beacons, are the first installations in the state. There will eventually be one more on Parker Street and one on Beacon Street near Boston College. They claim much higher compliance (well over 90%) than flashing yellow lights and rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB) in use elsewhere in the city.

The signal is push-button operated and has walk and don’t walk symbols for pedestrians, the same controls in use at intersections. For drivers, the phase sequence might take some getting used to, but it’s really just a combination of signals everyone knows. Flashing to steady yellow: prepare to stop. Steady red: must stop. Flashing red: full stop before proceeding. One thing that’s a little different is that when the signal is not active, it goes dark. For more information, see this article.