Your Input Requested for Short Guidance Survey

Dear Parents,

Here is a link to a survey from the Newton South Guidance Department that we would appreciate you taking the time to complete by January 11, 2013.

This survey is the outcome of the work of the Guidance Advisory Committee, which is a small group of current and alumni parents and guidance counselors who have been meeting since March, 2012, whose purpose is to be a resource to the Newton South community. Working from a joint counselors’ and parents’ perspective, together we are discussing ways to improve services and support to students.

Communication with parents is vital to the work we do. To gain a better understanding of the guidance department’s strengths and areas for improvement, the Guidance Advisory Committee developed a short survey that we are asking parents to complete.

We intend to use feedback from the survey to assist counselors as we continually strive to move forward as a department, to assess our strengths and areas in which we might implement changes. As counselors, we continually reflect upon and strive to improve best practices. As a department, our mission is to form strong connections with students and families, assisting each student in the normal developmental benchmarks and tasks all adolescents face. An important aspect of counselors’ work is disseminating information to students, families and the school community in a timely and efficient way.

Your input matters. All survey respondents are anonymous and answers will be kept strictly confidential.

Warm regards and happy holidays,

Shelly Borg
Director of Guidance