Dreamfar High School Marathon Team Runs Providence Marathon

Under the School team leadership of faculty Lily Eng, Jason Agress, and Suzanne DeRobert, 24 South students and several faculty and community mentors trained for 8 months, 4 days a week, and two weeks ago earned the satisfaction that comes with doing something that less than 1% of the world has ever done – run 26.2 miles! Jamie Chaloff, President of Dreamfar, started the program 4 years ago, pairing students with mentors so that no one crosses the finish line alone. The rewards for the runners’ hard work and dedication reach far beyond crossing the finish line. As one student said, “Dreamfar instills a confidence in its runners that cannot be matched by any other sport.” The sense of community is palpable. As one mentor said, “Mile 23 feels so good when you cross the finish line with visions of bright orange teammates welcoming you.” We applaud these students, mentors, and program leaders for this extraordinary accomplishment!