SouthFest Update for Seniors

By now you have heard us speaking about SouthFest through email, in person, through a letter and from Principal Stembridge. You know that SouthFest is about keeping your children safe after the prom. Your children should have already received their invitation to SouthFest.

We want to update you about donations and volunteers to SouthFest so far this year.

Donations are at the lowest they have ever been in terms of the numbers of families donating. As of last week, 176 families have donated to SouthFest. And that is from all classes, not just families of seniors. Parents of seniors have made approximately 85 donations. For context, we have a relatively small senior class this year, with under 420 members. That means that less than 25% of senior families have donated to support SouthFest so far. Fortunately, many of the families that have donated this year have done so generously, but we could still use your help to make sure we can cover our expenses. You can donate by check or Paypal at . Donations do not need to be large to be useful. Even gifts of $25 or less are welcome and enough to push us to our goal.

Similarly, as of today we have only about 50% of the volunteers we need to run the event. This is the lowest number of volunteers we have ever had. Senior parents are generally not allowed to work as chaperones during SouthFest, but they are welcome to help set up and to help tear-down. They are also welcome to encourage friends and neighbors with younger students to volunteer to work during the event. If you haven’t volunteered and are interested, please do so at .

Please consider a gift of time or money to help SouthFest. Small amounts really do count toward a successful  — and safe – post-prom party. Please volunteer, and encourage your friends and neighbors with students in younger grades to volunteer to work as chaperones during SouthFest. We encourage you to visit the school between 7pm and 10pm the evening of SouthFest to see how much effort goes into the production. You will better understand why this exciting and safe event encourages students to stay into the early morning hours and off the roads.

Best Regards,
Chuck Kaufman and Doug Wagoner
SouthFest Co-Chairs