Honor A Teacher By Donating A Book To the NSHS Library!

Donating a book to the NSHS Library is a thoughtful way to honor a teacher or special person. If you wish to contribute a book, visit the Library’s Amazon Wish List. When sending a gift from the NSHS Library’s Amazon Wish List, take the following steps to insure that the Library knows that the gift is from you, and which teacher or special person you are honoring with your gift:

  • On page titled ‘Select a shipping address’, click on “Ship to this address” under Ethel Downey’s name
  • On the page titled ‘Review Your Order,’ click on the link “Add Gift Options” (located under Title/Price/Quantity Remaining, etc.)
  • On the page titled ‘Select Gift Options’, type in personalized gift message indicating teachers being honored and name of person donating the books
  • Complete your purchase

Thank you!