Welcome Back!

…..aaaaand, we’re back! Whew! What a busy first day!

A big thanks to all of our returning students, and especially to our student advisory leaders, for helping all of our new students (and faculty) find their way today. I was reminded time and again today that South is a supportive and welcoming community, as indicated by the frequency that I witnessed seniors saying “I can show you how to get there” in the halls today.

The first day is always somewhat chaotic, with very short periods, unknown or seemingly hidden classrooms, and so many people. Tomorrow we will have a more normal schedule, with the slight change of a short A block (ending at 8:40) followed by a brief advisory, and the school will start to settle into a routine.

Lest I forget, I also want to thank the hosts of our ninth grade summer information sessions: Tanya & Marc Lazar, Gloria & Philip Plottel, Dawne Clarke & Joseph Weekes, and Emily Prenner & Chris Steele.

And thanks to everyone — students, staff, parents, and guardians — for a great start.  We are looking forward to partnering with you to make this a successful year for you and your child!