Candy Corn Tryouts – Wednesday & Thursday, September 18 & 19!

OKAY IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. THAT TIME OF YEAR WHEN YOU CAN FEEL A TINGLING IN YOUR TOES, A NUMBING IN YOUR NOSE, AND A SKIP IN YOUR STEP! That’s right everyone, it’s time for the…CANDY CORN AUDITIONS! For those of you poor uninformed (freshman) students, Children of the Candy Corn is a student-run improv group here at the one and only Newton South High School. The auditions are like seriously so much fun. Like you’ll have fun. There is no preparation needed because it is improv and that’s what happens; you don’t prepare. SO COME ONE; COME ALL TO THE AUDITORIUM ON WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 18 AND THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 19 DURING J BLOCK FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!