Update on our day today

Today was a difficult day today for many students and teachers, who were trying to make sense of that which makes no sense: the unexpected death of a classmate. Counselors and housemasters were busy all day, with a steady flow of students stopping by for support. Teachers, too, provided comfort and conversation. And most of our students took advantage of the structure of our academic schedule… and teachers taught, and students learned.

A big thank you to our PTSO for providing lots of water, food and tissues to the house offices. Also a big thank you to the many kind thoughts and offers of assistance from within and without our Newton South community.

And most importantly, our thoughts and prayers remain with Katie Stack’s family.

We will provide additional information when it becomes available.

As ever, our school works due to the partnership we share with our community; please do not hesitate to contact guidance counselors or housemasters with concerns or information about your child.