Important Weekend Message

Thank you for the amazing support you have shown the South community over the past two days.  From our house secretaries, to the faculty, to our administration – we appreciate all of the love and kindness that has come our way.

While many of our students are still working through sadness and other emotions, we are continually struck by the resilience of our young people.  It has been a difficult two days, to be sure, and it is also wonderful to witness teachers and students supporting each other throughout the school.

I’m writing to make two requests:

  1. We have heard and witnessed a lot of stress coming from students’ use of social media. Concerns have been raised about students calling each other out, trying to piece together information without all the facts, or unnecessarily raising the anxieties of others.  I am asking that you have a conversation with your child about whether social media (Facebook, twitter, etc.) is a healthy outlet for this activity.
  2. And as for the weekend, it would be good if there are opportunities for students to connect with other students in healthy ways, with adults near-by.  We want to ask you to think about opening your home this weekend to students in order to create a safe place for kids to gather.

Also, we wanted to be sure that you had information about what to do if someone you know needs additional support.  The following community resources are available over the weekend:

  • Riverside Crisis Center: (800) 529-5077

  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters:  (617) 423-9575

  • “Samariteens” – Suicide Prevention Hotline: (800) 252-8336

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)

  • Newton Police Department: (617) 796-2101 or 911

Again, thank you for your partnership.