Information for Parents about Upcoming Freshman Dance on Fri., Nov. 22

As previously publicized, the senior class is hosting a Homecoming Dance for the freshman class on Friday, November 22, from 7-10PM in the Newton South Student Center. Tickets are $8 at the door. Student DJ, Max Baker (2016), will provide the music, and refreshments will be available for purchase. Students should wear red, white, and blue.

In order to keep our students safe while they are having fun, it is routine for all student events at South to be chaperoned not just by teachers and staff, but also by the Youth Officer and the Intervention Specialist, and sometimes by police officers (uniformed and plain clothes). South’s Youth Officer this year is Kim Coney. The Intervention Specialist is Rich Catrambone. Both of these staff members were at South for Freshman Parent Dialogue Night on October 16.

It is school policy for random breathalyzer tests to be performed on students, usually on the way into an event. Please prepare your kids by explaining that these tests are administered randomly – they or their friends might be tested. The spring Freshman Cruise is another event where safety officers will conduct random breathalyzer tests before buses depart South.

Once they enter, and for their safety, students are not allowed to leave the building and come back in, as chaperones/safety officers cannot monitor activities outside of the building. The faculty and staff know that cell phone reception may require students to step outside. This can be arranged with the door-attending adults, to assure that students are allowed back in.

These measures may seem harsh to some students and parents, but it has led to a reduction in alcohol consumption, and all students know that school events are safe and fun events. If you have a chance, please let your kid know about these policies in advance. If you have any questions, please email Betsy Blagdon and Lori Lass at