Thanks to Fundraising Committee: Success@South Program Launched!

We commend the Fundraising Committee for their hard work leading to the launch of our new Success@South program: committee chair, Emily Prenner, and committe members Ellen Fallon, Suzanne Feldman, Terri Handler, Betsy Hewitt, Marc Lazar, Carie Michael, and Sara Ramirez, and Denise Joseph for research last year. We also thank graphic artists Pamela Galowitz and Barbara Pittel for designing the brochure and donor card, Abby Choi for original artwork, and Megan Leary-Crist. And nothing would have happened without our amazing Newton South library teachers: Marnie Bolstad, Jennifer Dimmick and Ethel Downey. Thanks also to our student representatives for their contributions to the PTSO meeting: Sammy Berg, Jonah Kan, Eli Lerner and Mary Levine.