Your PTSO Dollars at Work: The Budget

The PTSO approved the 2013-2014 budget at our Fall Meeting on November 20, 2013 – balanced at $68,300 in both income and expenses. We rely on your participation to make this work.

As usual, the dues paid at the beginning of the year form the bulk of our income. We process online payments for South Stage, so that income goes in and then right back out. You can also see that we expect to raise and spend about $15,000 on SouthFest this spring.

Dues $45,000
SouthFest $15,000
South Stage $10,000
Total Income: $70,000
Total Fees (PayPal): $1,700
Income after Fees: $68,300

In terms of expenses, the largest amounts are those that go back into the school, in the form of classroom grants, support of programs and the discretionary funds for the Principal, Vice-Principal and Housemasters. The Grants Committee met in November and approved $9000 worth of proposals, and there will be another set of proposals approved in February. We will discuss the grants and programs in more detail in upcoming articles.

Since this is the inaugural year for our new capital campaign, Success@South, it is not included in the budget. A brochure for the campaign will be mailed to you this month, and we hope that you will contribute to this endeavor. Information about the campaign and donation links are available at

Grants $17,360
Programs $7,000
Discretionary Funds: $7,000
SouthFest $15,000
South Stage $10,000
Hospitality $4,265
Holiday Gift Drive $500
Directory $3,200
Website and Communications $550
Office Expenses: $200
Landscaping: $1,800
PTO Council dues $125
Book sale $ 250
Insurance $335
Business registration fees $50
Equipment $500
Bank charges $65

Total Expenses: $68,300