Letter From Department Chairs re: Balanced Academic Schedule

With registration upon us, we would like to take this opportunity to urge students and families to consider balance and a healthy lifestyle as they select courses for next year. To help manage the stresses of an academic environment, we recommend that students consider the following questions with parents, teachers and counselors as they prepare to register for courses:

  • What are the courses I would like to take this coming year?
  • What are the courses I would like to take over the course of four years of high school?
  • What are my commitments to extracurricular school activities?
  • What are my commitments outside of school?
  • What are my plans for physical activity and creative endeavor?

Once these are considered, the question becomes:  how much time is left for both a reasonable amount of sleep and a reasonable amount of downtime to connect with friends and family? These last two should be considered as separate entities of great importance to a balanced lifestyle. If there is insufficient time left for either of these items, then we strongly recommend reprioritizing courses and/or participation in various activities in order to create an appropriate balance.

We ask that students and parents have these conversations at home, and that teachers and guidance counselors have these conversations with students in school. We believe it is entirely appropriate for the adults in a student’s life to say no to a student’s plans if they are not in the best interest of the student’s health and wellbeing. We believe that together, parents and teachers can help students make healthy, appropriate choices. 


Brian Baron
EnglishShelly Borg

Kathleen Farnsworth
Special Education

Donna Gordon
Business and Family & Consumer Sciences

Gerry Gagnon

Megan Leary-Crist
Fine and Performing ArtsJennifer Morrill
History and Social Sciences

Suzanne Murphy Ferguson
World Languages

Steven Rattendi