Letter From Director of Guidance Shelly Borg and Vice-Principal Mary Scott re: Spring Registration for Classes

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We’ve come to the busy and important time of year when students register for next year’s courses. This can be exciting and somewhat confounding, particularly since students have so many choices and course options. Below is a brief parent guide to registration.

The Program of Studies, NSHS’s course catalog, our Program of Studies, is available on the NSHS website or through this link.

Tuesday, March 4 – Students should have received their pre-registration worksheets during Advisory. These have been pre-filled by their current teachers with course recommendations. This is the time for students to discuss with you their recommended courses, electives, and course load. Please make sure students list a number of electives with alternates and rank order all of their course choices. Students should also speak to their guidance counselors with questions about classes, course prerequisites, curriculum levels and other registration questions. Teachers will continue to make changes to course recommendations in the registration database (SMS) until registration day, March 12.

If a student does not agree with a teacher’s course recommendation, please see the Course Recommendation Appeal Process document included in this email.

Wednesday, March 12Registration Day. A special schedule will run (Blocks A to G), beginning and ending with Advisory. Students will receive their official Registration Form in advisory. Teachers will sign the form and make any final changes. Students finalize the Rank Order of their requested courses on this day. Current sophomores or juniors who are requesting fewer than 24 blocks (22 block minimum) will be asked to indicate their extra curricular activities for approval by their housemaster – please see page 4 in the Program of Studies for clarification. Forms will be collected during Advisory at the end of the day.

RANK ORDER: Students must rank order ALL of their requests on the final registration form. Rank Order is used by schedulers when there is a conflict, (e.g. if a student requests two different courses that only meet in the same block, the schedulers will use rank order to determine which course to put the student in and use the alternate choice for the other course.) Rank Order tells us what is MOST important to students. This is an critical piece of the registration process.

March 13-21Guidance counselors will review their respective students’ registration forms for any inconsistencies, course omissions, alternates to elective choices, and number of blocks. Perhaps most importantly, counselors will be looking for course loads and curriculum levels that are well balanced. Upon completion of counselors reviewing registration forms, they will be forwarded to our Records Office for processing and data entry.

Early MayThrough ParentCONNECT, you will receive a Course Verification Report listing the courses that your child has requested along with a list of any courses that have been cancelled due to a low number of requests or other reasons. You will be able to request changes or make corrections at that time.

Shelly Borg, Director of Guidance
Mary Scott, Vice Principal