Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, Monday April 7

Spring has sprung! The birds are chirping, flowers are pushing their way through the… What? Huh? You say snow predicted for this week? Oh my – the teachers and staff will REALLY need something to boost their spirits until Spring arrives. It’s a good thing that the (FINAL) Teacher Appreciation Breakfast is scheduled for Monday, April 7. Help us express our gratitude to the teachers, staff, and the administration for all of their hard work throughout the year!

Please consider donating a homemade or store bought treat for this important occasion. If you have volunteered before, we would love to have you back to assist! If you haven’t, this is a fabulous and simple way to help out. Please click on your house at this link to see what is needed. If your house’s volunteer slots are already filled, please consider donating to another one. Donations can be brought directly to the house office, or left in the front office between 7:15 and 8:30AM on Monday, April 7. If this time frame is inconvenient, please contact Bonnie Barber for alternate arrangements. Thank you!