Newton South Mental Health Awareness Day – Mon., May 5

On Monday, May 5, Newton South High School is sponsoring a Mental Health Awareness Day. As part of their WISE senior project, Sasha Restrepo and Jeremy Oshins have dedicated a full day of presentations concerning mental health issues. The theme for the day is to see mental health through a different lens. The goal of the presentations is to help remove the stigma of mental illness by educating our students and teachers about overall mental health and wellness. The program will provide tools, resources, and techniques to empower students and teachers to know how to take positive action to support themselves, their peers/friends and loved ones. These presentations will help build resilience to create healthy lifestyles. Additionally, the programs will provide information about community supports and resources. Throughout the day, Riverside Community Care counselors, Newton South High School counselors, and Newton Youth Commission members will be available to students. To encourage students to see through a different lens, sunglasses will be handed out to students attending the presentations that say “looking through a different lens.” Any questions, please email Sasha Restrepo at or call 617-678-9907.