Important Information Regarding SouthFest

Congratulations to you and your son or daughter on reaching this milestone! This message contains important information regarding SouthFest, the after-prom party, happening this coming Monday night/Tuesday morning, June 2-3, from midnight until 4AM.  

Seniors and their prom dates, as well as seniors who have not attended prom, will check in at SouthFest and have an opportunity to change clothes. At check in, we will collect all bags and bottles for safekeeping. No bags or bottles of any sort will be allowed into the event. Once students check in, we ask that they remain in the building for the duration of the event. Once a student leaves the event, they will not be readmitted to the party. If a student needs to step outside to make a phone call, arrangements must be made with event staff. Please share this information with your senior.

Please note that we are not recording the time that students arrive, nor the time they leave. Your senior is encouraged to remain at SouthFest until 4:00AM, but may choose to leave at any point during the evening. Free taxi service from NSHS to points within Newton begins at 2:30AM and concludes at 4:15AM. Students should expect to wait up to 30 minutes for an available taxi, and each car will be filled to maximize transport of individuals. Many seniors depart SouthFest and go directly home. However, others leave and go to a friend’s home or other places. We encourage you to speak with your student about their plans for the early hours of June 3.

For students who reside in Boston:
We will have FREE taxis available to bring students home to Boston, however, arrangements MUST be made in advance. Students wishing to take advantage of this service must send an email to This email should include your name, home address, and approximate time you plan to leave the event. This information must be received by 10PM on Sunday, June 1 to guarantee taxi reservation.

With your support, we have planned a wonderful event for the class of 2014. Parents, please consider stopping by after your seniors have left for prom, to see the transformation and give the decorating committee a pat on the back. And, don’t forget to give yourself an even bigger congrats on a job well done!

One more thing: we are still looking for volunteers to help at the Senior Send-Off picnic on Thursday, June 5. We need volunteers and cookies, etc. Please click here to sign up.

Thank you for all of the support,
SouthFest Organizers