SAT & Subject Tests at South on Sat., June 7

The SATs will be given at Newton South on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Students will be admitted to Wheeler House at about 7:45am.We are expecting some 800 students, so be sure to allow time for traffic and/or parking. Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Students will not be admitted to testing rooms unless they have an admission ticket and a valid photo ID. Make sure your student has their ID when they leave home that morning! Students will not be admitted into their testing room after the test has begun – even if their ID is on its way – they will be sent home.
  2. Students who are taking subject tests may take them in any order. They may also take tests for which they have not registered. In other words, if they only registered for Spanish and on test day decide to take Chemistry and U.S. History, they may go ahead and do so without contacting Sra. Price, or alerting their proctor. The subject test rosters only indicate that the student has registered for a subject test, but not how many, or for which ones. The College Board will bill the student directly for any additional tests.

For more information on SATs at South and to see the approximate ending times for the exams, go to