Waban Library Center Patio Project

The Waban Library Center is building a brick patio on it’s lawn this summer. People are invited to purchase one or more bricks on which can be inscribed their family name, a tribute, a commemoration, or a memorial. For a limited time, through the month of June, 4×8” bricks will be available for $75.00 (after that the price will be $100.00). Larger 8×8” bricks are available for $200. To read the complete description of the Patio Project, please go to the website www.wabanlibrarycenter.org or come by the library to take a look at brick samples.

Be sure to purchase a brick to ensure the library’s vital place in the cultural and social life of our community and to become a part of Waban life and history for years to come!

Thank you from the Waban Library Center.