Housemaster Change in Cutler and Wheeler Houses

I am writing to inform you of a change that we have been contemplating for some time that will go into effect in the fall of 2014-2015.

As you know, Donna Gordon has been the Cutler Housemaster since 2005, and Josepha Blocker has been the Wheeler Housemaster since 2008.  What you may not know is that Ms. Gordon also supervises the Family and Consumer Science department – including the preschool – which is adjacent to Wheeler House, and that Ms. Blocker’s area of academic expertise is mathematics, which is located in Cutler House.

We have decided to switch our house leadership: Ms. Gordon will become the Wheeler Housemaster, and Ms. Blocker will become the Cutler Housemaster.  There are two clear benefits to our students: Ms. Gordon will be in the same area as the department she supervises, and Ms. Blocker will be the secondary evaluator in the department in which she has expertise.

As part of this move, the House secretaries will also be switching roles to maintain the smooth working relationships developed over many years teamwork.    To be clear, only the Housemasters and House Secretaries will make this switch.  The guidance counselors and students will remain in their current houses.

Our four housemasters engage daily in collaborative work, as each housemaster has 25% of each grade.  In particular, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Blocker, and house secretaries Ms. Ingemi and Ms. Curran will work as a team next year to ensure that Cutler and Wheeler students and families are well served during this transition.