Request for Community Dinner Hosts for Saturday, Nov. 8

Calling all great entertainers in the Newton South community! On the evening of Saturday, November 8, we will hold the 2nd Annual Newton South Community Dinner. Everyone will come together in one private home for appetizers, split up across the neighborhoods to attend dinners, and reconvene for dessert in the newly refurbished Newton South Library to see firsthand the results of last year’s Success@South campaign.

We are looking for families to host 8-12 fellow parents. Hosts provide dinner for their guests, but attend the event for free, as the dinner donation is their contribution. You decide what food to serve (ethnic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, carnivorous – whatever you like)! And if your specialty is takeout, that works, too! This is a wonderful community event; thanks in advance for helping us to continue a great tradition. If you are available to host, please click here. Any questions, please contact Emily Prenner or Betsy Blagdon at