Reminder: Athletic Dept. Policy on Away-Game Transportation

From the Athletic Director:  “I’d like to remind parents that the Athletic Department’s transportation policy states that all athletes must return to South by bus after all away games.  This is important, not only for safety:  During the bus ride home, players have an opportunity to celebrate or commiserate together.  That helps them to move on and to take games in perspective, and it promotes team bonding.  Athletes will always remember the bus rides for years to come.  Games’ scores quickly fade into the past.

“We understand that on rare occasions, families need to pick up their student right at the away-game field or gym.  If that is necessary, we ask that you send a note 24 hours in advance to the athletic office and then sign the bus list before leaving the field or gym with your child.  Please note that this should be only in special circumstances.  Thank you for your understanding.”