Guidance Director Announcement

My thanks to those of you who were able to make time to meet Dan Rubin during his finalist visit to South.  Rarely have we enjoyed such uniform positive feedback from all constituents – students, parents, faculty, and admin (central office included) – about a candidate.

I am pleased to inform you that Dan has accepted our offer to be our new guidance director, and will be joining us starting this summer!

A big thanks to Kathy Farnsworth, Director of Special Education, and Candice Beermann, Vice Principal, who led the search committee, and also to those who served:

Katani Sumner – guidance/METCO

Charlie Myette – housemaster

Gerry Gagnon – department chair

Kathy Sabet – guidance/CACC

Chris Hardiman – guidance

Kevin Lenane – teacher/SpEd

Emma Leslie – teacher

Brian Deleskey – prevention counselor

Peter Klapes – student (senior)

Marisa Cohen – student (sophomore)

Emily Prenner – parent/PTSO

Beth Swederskas – Guidance Director NNHS

And thank you to Shelly Borg, our outgoing Guidance Director, whose support and warmth through this process has been outstanding.  We are fortunate not to be losing her, and thrilled that she will continue at South in the role of guidance counselor in the fall.