Spring Arena Day June 22nd

Late this week, current 9th, 10th and 11th grade Newton South students will be receiving their list of scheduled classes for 2015-2016 via ParentCONNECT. Please review it carefully and assess if any changes are necessary.

Guidance counselors and department heads will be available in the Student Center on Monday, June 22nd from 1:15PM to 2:15PM to resolve scheduling issues prior to the summer. Students (or parents) with any of the following issues can seek to resolve them at this time:

  • Missing an English, History, Science, Mathematics or World Language class
  • Missing a class to continue pursuit of a strong interest (e.g., if a student has been in orchestra for the past 2 years, and was not scheduled into orchestra this year but requested it)
  • Scheduled for the incorrect level of a course (e.g. Honors instead of ACP)
  • Scheduled for the wrong class (excluding cases where a student was given an alternative course rather than his/her first choice)
  • Not scheduled for a full-time student load (i.e., fewer than 24 blocks for grade 10; fewer than 22 blocks for grades 11, 12 – must have Housemaster approval)

Students/parents must first see their guidance counselor to get approval for any changes, and then from the appropriate department heads.

Students will receive their final schedule in August prior to the beginning of school. It is imperative that changes be requested in the June arena day as the ability to change schedules in the fall will be extremely limited.