Have a Great Summer!

In this last newsletter of the 2014-2015 school year, we wish to thank all the many volunteers who make the Newton South community what it is — a valuable resource and reliable foundation for our kids and our families. We’d also like to thank the South teachers and staff, who give so much to our students, above and beyond curriculum and standards.

Please join us in thanking Betsy Blagdon, on her retirement from the PTSO board, for her amazing dedication as co-President of the PTSO for the last three years. Her commitment to student issues, expertise, ability to get things done and technical know-how, have all made her an invaluable leader of the PTSO.  We’re going to miss her!

Enjoy your summer! The PTSO newsletter will return in August!

Betsy Blagdon (departing co-President) – Emily Prenner and Helen Haley (co-Presidents for 2015-2016)