‘Athletes Serving the Community’ — Kick-Off BBQ Meeting, Sunday, Sept. 20

Athletes Serving the Community (ASC) is an organization that helps connect time-crunched Newton students with local volunteer opportunities that can fit into their busy schedules. ASC helps students connect with projects and also:

  • Provides time-crunched students with substantial opportunities for community service involvement that can work around their heavy and unpredictable schedules;
  • Exposes students to a wide variety of worthwhile causes; and
  • Supports Newton’s numerous other community service groups/programs.

If you have a student athlete who wants volunteering to fit more easily into his or her life, have your student click How it Works to find out more, or have them come to the kick-off BBQ on Sunday, September 20, 4-6PM at the Cove in Auburndale.  Friend the Asc Newton page on Facebook and follow @NewtonASC on Twitter to find out about events.