High School Start Time Information

As many of you know, Newton Public Schools are exploring a potential change in high school start time. The following are some resources around this topic:

NPS High School Start Time (HSST) Working Group:  Click here for a link to their website, which includes updates and presentations given to School Committee. Click here to sign up for HSST working group updates.

Superintendent David Fleishman’s High School Stress VideoClick here to see a video of the Superintendent describing initiatives supporting the social-emotional health of high school students, including the creation of the High School Start Time Working Group.

Newton South School Council:  South’s School Council has been researching and educating the community on the importance of a later high school start time. Click here for many resources, including research, case studies, media reports, and materials from their April 2015 education forum. Click here if you would like to receive updates from School Council about HSST. Click here for more general information about School Council.